Community Manager

Park Avenue, Parkville

Hello, I’m Grant! I am a Community Manager in Melbourne and my job is to make sure everything runs smoothly in the buildings, so our students have the best experience!

Six years ago I actually lived with The Student Housing Company when I was a student in Bournemouth in the UK. I worked as a Residential Advisor in my building and have worked with TSHC since! I loved my time as a student living with TSHC and am passionate about making sure all of our students have the same, positive experience.

I have been in Melbourne for less than a year, so I know exactly what it is like to feel new in this city. I love trying Melbourne’s best brunch spots, hitting the gym and exploring new parts of Australia. Come to me for advice regarding everything from brunch spots in Melbourne, to camping in the outback at Uluru! I’d love to help you out and give you advice on life in Australia as I am getting to know it too.

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