The Boulevard

Managers Special Promotion - The Boulevard

The offer is open to all eligible students which includes receiving full year rates on bookings 22 weeks and longer. Below are detailed terms and conditions of this promotion:

  1. Applications should be submitted for the room type and date the student would like to reside in and the discounted price will be applied once a room has been allocated to the booking.
  2. The price will be valid for the entire contract but will not carry over for subsequent contacts.
  3. This promotion only valid for semester bookings with a minimum 22 weeks contract length and academic year bookings with a minimum 48 weeks contract length. This promotion is not valid for short stay bookings (2 – 21 weeks).
  4. The managers special offer is subject to availability. Limited number of rooms available. Offer valid from 0000hrs 12/11/2020 to 2359hrs 31/03/2021 AEST time, until rooms are sold out, whichever is earlier.
  5. It is in The Student Housing Company’s absolute discretion to explain all terms and conditions under this promotion. Terms and conditions may change without advanced notice.

Boulevard Special Rates