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Much More Than Just 4 Walls and a Bed

When you choose to live with us, you don’t simply rent a room, you also join a vibrant community. We provide you with a space to grow in the direction that matters to you most and we foster communities that you can be proud to belong to.


Community values

Our communities are developed upon a few simple principles:

  • We promote health and wellbeing
  • We welcome and celebrate diversity
  • We learn from our residents and invite their contribution
  • We respect and support our residents and the local community
  • We design residences that promote a community spirit
  • We always look for ways to be and do better
  • We have fun (lots and lots of fun)

Promoting health and wellbeing

At the heart of living with us is our aspiration to help our student residents to thrive during their stay and beyond. We have scoured the globe (literally) to understand what areas students often find challenging. Our research has indicated 9 common areas, it is using these 9 areas that we develop our residential activities. Our research has also found that these 9 areas are challenging for students in different countries around the world, and the factors that help to optimize student wellbeing are also globally consistent. This means that wherever you come from and wherever you study, our student experience will be supportive and enhance your university experience. The 9 areas of wellbeing are:  

Student Accommodation Wellbeing

We explore each of the wellbeing areas through in-residence activities, tours & excursions, and information, advice & guidance. We also develop partnerships with key University departments and well as local services, charities and businesses to provide further expertise and knowledge for our residents.

Find out more about GSA's global, award-winning wellbeing program and how we are making a difference to our students' lives.


Our teams

Our residential teams genuinely care about their student communities. Whilst they are not trained counsellors, they are great at listening (and making tea!), take the time to get to know their students and are passionate about fostering a thriving residential community.

Student Wellbeing


Leadership opportunities

Residential Advisors

We believe that having students as part of our residential team is key to creating awesome residential communities. That is why we employ students as Residential Advisors; a paid, part-time role that fits around your studies. Our Resident Advisors are responsible for:

  • Coordinating residential activities designed to promote wellbeing and help students to better manage everyday challenges
  • Develop partnerships in the local community
  • Advocate a friendly, inclusive and supportive residential community

They are provided with a full induction and training programme as well as ongoing development opportunities. Many of our RAs stay with us for the duration of their University career and some even become full-time employees upon graduation.

Other leadership opportunities

If you don’t become a Residential Advisor, there are many other ways that you can contribute to the residential community. Several of our residences have elected student councils, peer-support programmes, out of hours and office support roles, as well as move-in, arrivals and welcome positions open to residents. If you would like to find out how you can apply for a community leadership role in your residence, please contact the residence directly. You are welcome to do this before you move-in!


Let's Collaborate

Do you want to work with students and care about student wellbeing? Reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you.

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