Building Rules

The Student Housing Company (TSHC) want to change the way accommodation is provided for students, raising people’s expectations about service, quality and communication. We want you to find renting a room from us incredibly easy and we want you to feel safe, comfortable and looked after. That is our promise to you and we ask that you support us to achieve this through following the building rules outlined below:


1. Decoding the jargon

The following definitions apply in these building rules:

  • “Rules” means building rules set out in this document.
  • “TSHC” is the abbreviation for The Student Housing Company.
  • ”Room” means the space assigned to a resident to reside in the property.
  • “Apartment Shared Areas” means the apartment, other than the room and other rooms within the apartment to be occupied by other tenants of the apartment.
  • “Common Areas” means corridors, stairways, common rooms, laundry room and any other areas of the Building available for use by all tenants of the Building, excluding, for the avoidance of doubt, the apartment.
  • “Contents” means the furnishing, fixtures and fittings in the Room as listed on the inventory to be provided to the Tenant on moving into the Room.
  • “Building Shared Items” means all items available for use in common by all tenants of the building.
  • “Apartment Shared Items” means the furnishings, fixtures and fittings in the shared apartments as listed on the inventory to be provided to the Tenant on moving into the apartment.
  • “Resident” means a tenant residing in a TSHC property.
  • “Guest or Visitor” means anyone who does not reside at a TSHC property.
  • “Tenancy Agreement” means the agreement comprising tenant’s details, rent schedule, terms and conditions and any regulations from time to time issued by or on behalf of TSHC.
  • “Tenancy Takeover Form” means the form required to formalize a request to end a lease before the agreement expiry date and have another tenant occupy the room/apartment.
  • “Working Day” means any day which is not a Saturday, a Sunday or Public Holiday in the location of the property.
  • “On-site Team” means those who are hired by TSHC to provide day to day support to residents in a property.


2. Understanding how everything works

A building induction program will be provided to all Residents and you will be notified upon move-in of the exact time of the induction. The building induction is a fun and enjoyable way for you to meet your new friends as well as learning about some serious parts to your new home. It will include some fun ice-breaker sessions with your Flat-mates, covering topics on how to use your key, fire safety, maintenance, internet, on-site facilities and on-site support. The induction is for your benefit to ensure a smooth and successful transition into our community and as such we hope for everyone to attend.


3. Our community non-negotiables

  • We will respect each other regardless of gender, cultural and racial background, and sexual orientation.
  • We will avoid behaviors that will cause a nuisance or inconvenience to Flat-mates, other Residents, neighbors and TSHC employees, especially between the hours of 11pm and 7am
  • We will maintain a quiet, enjoyable living space in all apartments and Common Areas of the property, especially between the hours of 11pm and 7am
  • We will be conscious of the environment and avoid behaviors that will cause negative impacts on our planet.
  • Alcohol is not to be consumed in the communal areas.
  • We understand that the building is smoke free and will ensure not to smoke in any interior part of the property, including the balcony and use only designated smoking areas.
  • We understand that the use of drugs is illegal and is strictly prohibited anywhere within the property at any time.
  • No sleeping in the communal areas.


4. We understand that plans change

The Student Housing Company have implemented a straightforward cancellation policy. We know that plans can change therefore it is possible to cancel a tenancy agreement without penalty. All we ask is that you let us know in writing at least 30 days prior to the agreement start date.

If cancellation is made to TSHC less than 30 days before the agreement start date you will be responsible for rent until a replacement tenant has been found unless documentation can be provided on the inability to commence a course. Don’t worry, you’re not on your own, we’ll do everything we can to help you find a suitable replacement tenant.

If you wish to end your Agreement early you must sign and return a Tenancy Takeover Form available from reception. There are a few points that you need to consider as part of the tenancy takeover process:

  • You are bound by the agreement terms until early termination has been approved by TSHC in writing.
  • TSHC will assist residents with tenancy take overs and make every effort to find a replacement. Residents are encouraged to conduct their own search for a replacement tenant in order to find a replacement as soon as possible.
  • Replacement tenants must be full-time students who are able to prove their student status.
  • Replacement tenants must be over 18 years of age unless pre-approved by their educational institution.
  • Replacement tenants in the case of a twin share apartment must be the same gender and age as the resident.
  • Replacement tenants must be a new TSHC customer (e.g. the replacement tenant cannot be a person who resides at TSHC or who has a booking confirmed with TSHC for future residency).
  • Once a suitable replacement tenant has been found, we’ll work with you to make your check out as smooth as possible.
  • The check-out process will involve a full room/apartment inspection and the finalization of departure paperwork, including completing a bond refund form.


5. Security awareness

All TSHC properties are well designed with robust security to provide a safe and secure environment for our residents. Some of our features include CCTV throughout, a secure door card access system and of course our friendly staff that are ready to assist at any time. We do however need your help to ensure the safety and security of the property is maintained:

  • Do not label your room key or leave unattended. If your key is stolen or misplaced report to reception immediately to ensure the key is removed from the property database. Photo identification is required to issue a new key.
  • Duplication of keys without authorization from senior management of TSHC is not permitted.
  • Room keys are for individual use only. Please do not share with other Residents, Guests or Visitors.
  • Make sure balcony doors, apartment doors and windows are locked when leaving the Room or apartment. Check the door is securely closed after exiting your apartment.
  • Do not allow anyone to follow you into the property. Report any suspicious person/s to TSHC staff immediately.
  • There are signs highlighting areas that are not intended for residents, guests or visitors. Please don’t enter these areas without authorization. This includes but not limited to the back office, control rooms, plant rooms and roof areas not designed for resident or non-resident’s use.


6. How can you ensure the premises are maintained

You can help us to provide the best environment possible. Under the agreement we ask that you help us to achieve the following points:

  • Not damage the Room or Contents and keep them in good repair and in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Not damage, mark or change the decorative finish of the Room or Common Areas (including for the avoidance of doubt making any holes or affixing anything to the walls, ceiling and floors of the Room or Common Areas).
  • Jointly with the other occupiers of the apartment keep the apartment shared areas and apartment shared items in a clean, tidy and hygienic state.
  • Not damage, litter or obstruct the use of the shared Areas or shared Items.
  • Not cause or permit any litter or damage to, or obstruct the use of, the Building.
  • Not remove any contents from the room or apartment shared Items and building shared items from the apartment or building (as the case may be), without TSHC’s prior written permission.
  • Promptly notify the On-site Team of any damage, disrepair, defect and/or maintenance work required at the Room, apartment or, where it would be reasonable to expect a tenant to advise TSHC, elsewhere in the Building.
  • Not attempt to carry out any repairs or maintenance works to any part of the building (including the apartment and/or the room) or any of the shared items or the contents.
  • Not to bring or use any oversize furniture or fitting items into the building without the written consent of TSHC management.
  • Not to add any new locks to the room, the apartment or the building; not to mark or label any keys or swipe cards etc. with the room or apartment address.
  • Not to alter any common parts of the property and cause unavailability of such parts to be shared or used by other Residents.
  • Not to hang, show or leave marks on papers, walls or posters that contain discriminative messages or promote religious hatred or contravene applicable laws or rules in Australia. This includes but not limited to posters, slogans, images, audio or video footage, installations etc.
  • Not to gamble in the property.
  • Not possess any weapons or firearms inside the property.


7. When we will require access to your apartment

  • We will aim to do 2 or 3 room inspections over the year to ensure cleanliness, safety and good working order of the property and access to your Room will be required for this purpose.
  • Maintenance requested by residents, emergency or urgent repairs do not require notice from the On-site Team and we may enter your room or apartment without notice in advance.
  • In general, 48 hours notice in advance will be given for scheduled maintenance, general repairs or carrying out assessment or work related to statutory health and safety obligations.
  • Residents are required to pass inspections according to standards prescribed in the Tenancy Agreement. Repeated failure to pass inspections will result in charges to re-instate or clean the room or apartment back to the original condition. Please refer to Fees & Charges Schedule for details.


8. We value personal hygiene and cleanliness of the property

  • We value a hygienic and clean environment and hope you do too. We ask you to respect your flatmates by keeping a clean and hygienic environment at all times.   Repeated issues may result in cleaning or reinstatement charges set out in Fees & Charges Schedule.
  • No pets of any sort are allowed in the property.
  • Garbage should only be disposed to designated bin area in the property and residents are not allowed to place any garbage outside the room, apartment or in any Common Areas of the building.
  • Residents should not throw garbage or any items from windows, balconies, terraces or rooftops.
  • Residents should not hang any personal items from windows, balconies, terraces or rooftops. No further furniture or fixtures are permitted on balconies without approval from TSHC management.
  • Residents are encouraged to recycle and reduce waste where possible.


9. Electrical equipment and your safety

  • Only use electrical equipment that has been tested by a licensed professional and tagged as safe for use. TSHC will ensure all electrical equipment is tested and safe in accordance with our obligations.
  • Cooking must only be done in the kitchen or designated barbecue areas. Cooking is prohibited in any other parts of the property.
  • No personal heating or cooling devices, cooking equipment, washing machines/dryers, refrigerators or electrical gym equipment are allowed to be used in the Room unless they are authorized or provided by TSHC.
  • Report to the On-site Team immediately on finding any faulty electrical equipment.


10. How can we all ensure fire safety

  • Candles or any sort of explosive, inflammable devices or materials are not permitted in the property.
  • Residents are required to follow operating instructions provided by TSHC for all apartment equipment. Ensure adequate ventilation whilst cooking and do not leave stovetops and ovens unattended whilst in operation.
  • It is an offence under the law to tamper with or remove fire equipment within the building. Fees associated with false alarms due to a resident’s negligent or unauthorized use of fire equipment will be charged to the resident.
  • All fire escape routes, doors and stairways must be kept clear at all times.
  • Fire detector, sprinkler and fire prevention devices in the room are not allowed to be obstructed or covered up or have items attached to them. TSHC will ensure all fire equipment is serviced and inspected in accordance with our obligations.
  • To be prepared in the event of an emergency, regular fire alarm testing and trial evacuations will take place. In such circumstances, residents are required to cooperate with the On-site Team or appointed fire marshals.


11. What to do when you hear an alarm

  • In the event of an emergency alarm sounding all residents must evacuate immediately and proceed to the designated assembly point.
  • Turn off any cooking equipment in use as you exit the apartment.
  • Do not delay your departure to pack or collect personal items. Possessions can be replaced – your priority is to get out of the building as quickly as possible.
  • Exit the building via the stairs – Do not use the lifts.
  • Try to remain calm and move in an orderly manner ensuring the safety of yourself and others.
  • Report any relevant information to the Fire Warden or TSHC staff.
  • Only re-enter the building when advised by TSHC staff that it is safe to do so.


12. Parking (Not available at all TSHC properties)

  • Residents are required to follow TSHC’s parking policy where it is applicable to a property.
  • Bicycles are only allowed to be stored in designated bicycle parking areas.
  • TSHC is not responsible for the security of vehicles, motorbikes or bicycles and residents are responsible to lock vehicles, motorbikes or bicycles.
  • Residents are required to pay fees set out in Fees & Charges Schedule for renting a vehicle parking lot where applicable.


13. Ensuring the best gym experience for all

  • Tenant’s use gym equipment at your own risk and acknowledge that TSHC do not accept responsibility for any injury that may occur.
  • Be safe – follow equipment directions carefully and exercise at a level your fitness and current health allow.
  • Report faulty or damaged equipment to TSHC staff immediately and do not continue to use the equipment.
  • Offensive language, disorderly conduct, and/or abuse of staff and other gym users will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the gym.
  • Tenants are responsible for all costs associated with damages resulting from disorderly conduct or misuse of the equipment.
  • Exercise with a towel and sanitize equipment after use.
  • Exercise with a friend if lifting weights and ensure weights are returned to their rack once finished. Avoid dropping weights or other equipment on the floor.
  • Keep hydrated during exercise with water however no food or other drinks are to be consumed in the gym.
  • Appropriate gym clothing is required at all times.
  • Be considerate of others in peak periods and share – the equipment is provided for the benefit of all residents.


14. For residents under the age of 18

  • All international residents under the age of 18 years must be enrolled in a higher education institution and have a valid student visa.
  • All International residents under the age of 18 years must follow the curfew rules and procedures as agreed with the academic institution. Curfew time at TSHC is 10pm.
  • Repeated breaches of curfew will be reported to the resident’s institution which may affect visa status.
  • Permission to go on holiday or stay outside of TSHC can only be granted by the institution and must be communicated in writing by them to TSHC.
  • No overnight guests are allowed. All visitors must leave the room by 10pm.
  • No alcohol can be consumed or kept in the room by under 18 residents.
  • Residents are expected to stay until the agreement end date regardless of whether they turn 18 during their stay.
  • Residents must contact their academic institution prior to requesting cancellation of their agreement, otherwise TSHC will not be able to assist with any cancellation enquiries.


15. Guests and visitors are welcome

  • Guests and visitors of residents are welcome to the property. However, residents are responsible for their guest’s and visitors at all times and are liable for damage caused by their guests and visitors.
  • The On-site Team and TSHC staff reserve the right to evict any guests or visitors should they violate the building rules set out in this document.
  • Written consent from all flat-mates should be obtained if a Resident wishes to have a guest to stay overnight in a shared apartment.
  • No overnight guests are allowed in twin share rooms.
  • Guests are only allowed to sleep in the bedroom and they are not allowed to sleep in any other parts of the property.
  • Guests or visitors under age of 18 are not allowed to stay overnight.
  • The length of the entire stay for guests must not exceed seven days and prior approval should be obtained from TSHC management.


16. We encourage social interaction

  • All events must be hosted by a current TSHC Resident/s.
  • Events designed for commercial/financial benefit or that charge for entry are not allowed in the property unless arranged by TSHC.
  • TSHC encourage social interaction however reserve the right of final approval or disapproval of events to ensure events are for the benefit of the property.
  • Be considerate – consent must be obtained from all flat-mates when an event is to be held in a share apartment.
  • Please be considerate of your neighbours. No events are allowed after mid-night, regardless of the nature of such events. Violation may be subject to disciplinary actions or fines.
  • Guests or visitors under age of 18 are not allowed to attend events in the property hosted by a current resident/s.
  • Events with any image or branding from other purpose-built student accommodation operators are not allowed in the property.


17. Social Media

Social media is a part of life but we ask you to be considerate of other people in your use of social media. Please help us with the following:

  • Please don’t share personal information of staff members from TSHC on social media platforms without prior consent from TSHC management.
  • Please don’t make comments or posts that contain inappropriate racial, defamatory, bullying, threatening or harassing messages.
  • Please don’t make comments or posts that may cause damage to the TSHC brand and reputation.
  • TSHC management reserves the right to remove such comments or posts and disciplinary actions may apply for non-compliance.


18. Fees and charges

  • Fees and Charges are set out in TSHC’s Fees & Charges Schedule. This information is available in reception office of the property.
  • TSHC management reserves the right to amend the Fees & Charges Schedule at any stage however will endeavor to communicate changes to Residents. For avoidance of doubt, rent charges are not included in Fees & Charges Schedule.


19. On-site support and conflict resolution

  • Residents are encouraged to speak to a staff member from our On-site Team if they experience issues living in our properties.
  • All TSHC staff are trained to follow internal operating protocols to resolve conflicts, flatmate disputes, etc.
  • TSHC management may use 3rd party counseling services or university/college services in resolving mental health-related issues.
  • Disciplinary actions may be taken against anti-social behaviors or violations to building rules in this document.


20. Sustainable living

TSHC is committed to protect our living environment and foster sustainable living. We encourage all Residents to take the below initiatives:

  • Reduce waste, including reducing use of plastic bags/containers, papers and items that are hazardous to environment.
  • Turn off desk lamp(s) or floor lamp(s) before you leave your room, common room or other spaces in the property.
  • Turn off lights and ventilation fan in your bathroom before you leave your bedroom or flat.
  • Use water (shower & taps), air conditioning and other utility facilities in a conscious and respectful way.
  • Help to report maintenance issues such as water pipe leaks or lighting not being able to turn off to the On-site Team.