The Best Universities in Melbourne 2019

top universities Melbourne 2019
Melbourne, the best student city with even better universities!

There’s plenty of reason to study in the land of Melbourne.

Melbourne is renowned as the culture capital of Australia. It’s the city where you can smell coffee and find art in every corner and side alley. The multicultural hub is well known for being the most liveable city in the world. And, Melbourne is home to eight top universities ranked in the QS World Rankings 2019.

Melbourne is ranked the best student city in Australia by QS. This is thanks to Melbourne’s extremely high student mix, liveability and desirability. Clearly the city has a lot to offer students. So we’ve compiled a list of the best universities in Melbourne for 2019. To help all you budding exchange students, and domestic students alike, get to know these leading institutions better!

Top Melbourne University #1 The University of Melbourne

Founded in 1853, The University of Melbourne is Melbourne’s best university AND also makes Australia’s top universities hit-list!

The University of Melbourne has 48,000 students and international students make up 36% of the student body. It offers nine undergraduate degrees and more than 400 graduate courses under the ‘Melbourne Model’.

This model is structured so that students first complete a broad undergraduate degree in: Agriculture, Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design, Fine Arts, Music, Oral Health or Science. They then specialise their studies by completing a postgraduate degree.

The main campus is located in Parkville, just a short walk from the city centre. The campus is surrounded by cafes and restaurants in the trendy suburbs of Parkville and Carlton. This central location makes The ultimate location for students!

Four Australian prime ministers have actually attended the institution, including the country’s first female prime minister, Julia Gillard. So if that doesn’t scream best university in Melbourne, we don’t know what will!

Entry Requirements

best universities Melbourne University
The University of Melbourne…Melbourne (and Australia’s) top university!

Top Melbourne University #2 Monash University

Monash is second on Melbourne’s top universities list!  Founded in 1958, Monash has over 73,000 students attend this top university in Melbourne and 26% of these are international students.

The institution offers its students a large degree of choice with 126 undergraduate degrees and 59 double degrees. Monash is ranked #1 in Australia for Engineering and Technology by the Times Higher Education. It is also ranked #2 worldwide for Pharmacy and Pharmacology by QS.

Monash’s main campus is located in Clayton, 23 kilometres outside of Melbourne’s city centre. Students describe the campus as its own city. Reason being? Monash has everything students need, including convenience stores, a post office and even a bank!

Entry Requirements

  • For domestic students, all courses require a minimum ATAR of 70.00 and the average required ATAR is 81.95
  • International students should refer to page 106 of Monash’s 2019 International Undergraduate Guide which lists entry scores for all courses
  • A minimum 6.5 overall IELTS score is required. Alternative English Language requirements are also accepted.

best universities in Melbourne Monash University
One of the best universities in Melbourne, Monash University

Top Melbourne University #3 RMIT

RMIT is Melbourne’s best university for the arts. RMIT is ranked as one of Australia’s top institutions for Art and Design by QS ranking. And it is particularly renowned in Melbourne for its Fashion and Textiles courses.

Established in 1887, the institution focuses on being a leader in Art and Design. RMIT also specialises in Architecture, Education, Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems, Business, and Communication and Media Studies.

With over 84,000 students currently attend RMIT, does not have a traditional campus. Instead the RMIT is integrated into high-rise buildings in Melbourne’s city centre. Therefore, RMIT is the best university in Melbourne for students who want an “off-campus” vibes. Students are always immersed in the lively city environment and are surrounded by food options and shops.

Entry Requirements

  • For domestic students, the average required ATAR is 61.50
  • Browse their full list of courses online to find course-specific entry requirements
  • International students should refer to Country Equivalency information to find entry requirements specific to their country
  • A minimum 6.5 overall IELTS score is required for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. See their English Language Proficiency Tests for more information.
Melbourne best universities RMIT
RMIT – nothing says best university in Melbourne like being in the heart of the city!

Top Melbourne University #4 Deakin University

Melbourne’s great Deakin University was founded in 1974, making Deakin the youngest top university in Melbourne and the world! Around 50,000 students are enrolled at Deakin, with 22% of the student body being international students.

Deakin is structured into four faculties – Arts and Education; Business and Law; Health; and Science, Engineering and Built Environment.

Deakin is well regarded for its Health courses and its Nursing program is ranked #24 in the world by QS. Deakin offers 116 undergraduate courses and 153 postgraduate courses, which you can explore through their Course Finder.

Deakin’s main campus is located in the suburban area of Burwood. It is a 30-minute drive from the centre of Melbourne.

Entry Requirements

  • For domestic students, the average required ATAR is 65.15
  • International students should refer to their 2019 Undergraduate Course Guide to find course-specific admission scores for each country
  • The minimum accepted IELTS score for Deakin courses is an overall 6.0, however requirements a course dependent. Students should refer to their Undergraduate English language requirements and Postgraduate English language requirements.
best universities in Melbourne Deakin
The fourth best university in Melbourne, Deakin

Top Melbourne University #5 La Trobe University

Established in 1967, La Trobe University is ranked as one of Melbourne’s top universities. Compared to other top institutions in Melbourne, La Trobe has a smaller student body of 36,000. Which means La Trobe students get to enjoy smaller class sizes with more tutor assistance.

Students can take undergraduate courses within the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce or the College of Science, Health and Engineering. Last year QS ranked La Trobe in the global top 100 for subjects such as Archaeology, Hospitality and Leisure Management, Nursing, Sociology, and Sports.

La Trobe is located in Bundoora, just 14km outside of Melbourne’s centre. So students get to enjoy a quiet, urban campus with plenty of outdoor spaces.

Entry Requirements

  • For domestic students, the average required ATAR is 55.15 and all required ATAR scores are listed in Courses and Degrees
  • International students can see Academic Entry Requirements to convert the required ATAR into an equivalent score relevant to their country
  • Undergraduate students require a minimum overall 6.0 IELTS score for La Trobe.
best universities Melbourne La Trobe
Last, but by no means least, don’t forget La Trobe for Melbourne’s top university hit-list!

Final Words

QS ranks universities based on indicators such as academic reputation, employer reputation, student to faculty ratio and international student mix. So the high QS rankings of Melbourne’s top universities makes them global institutions with strong reputations.

Given that Melbourne offers world class universities in a dynamic cosmopolitan city, student exchange in Melbourne an unbeatable experience.

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