How To Renew A Student Visa In Australia

Continue your studies in the land girt by sea and renew your Australian visa

You’ve been having a lovely time being an exchange student in Australia, and putting down some solid roots in your student housing location of choice. Soaking up the sun, studying hard-ish, making new friends, exploring the city centres, day tripping left right and centre, and leading a fabulous #ExchangeStudentLife in Oz.

But all good things must come to an end. And your student visa is not exempt from this life fact. You knew your visa expiry was coming, but you didn’t realise it was that soon.

Time to stop being blasé about renewing your student visa. You need to stop procrastinating. You need to get your affairs in order. And you need to renew your visa.

And you need to do it pronto. Because you’ll need to lodge your new student visa application before your current one expires. Otherwise you’ll be unceremoniously kicked out of Australia.

So then… how do you apply for a student visa extension?

Student Visa extensions are same same but different to applying for your original Student Visa. Just follow our simple Four-Step process and you’re on your way to renewing your stay.

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A Speed Guide: Foreign Exchange and the Student Visa in Australia

So you want to study in the land down under? Well you’re not alone. Australia is now the third most popular student exchange destination worldwide. Australia has it all, from world-class universities, to a multi-cultural albeit laid back locals, warm climates and beautiful beaches.

You’re bound to come home from your student exchange with sand in your suitcase, some new additions to your vocabulary (and knowledge bank), and a bucketload of stories. So what do you need to do to study abroad in Australia? We’ve put together a speed guide to studying in Australia and getting your student visa.

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