How To Renew A Student Visa In Australia

Continue your studies in the land girt by sea and renew your Australian visa

You’ve been having a lovely time being an exchange student in Australia, and putting down some solid roots in your student housing location of choice. Soaking up the sun, studying hard-ish, making new friends, exploring the city centres, day tripping left right and centre, and leading a fabulous #ExchangeStudentLife in Oz.

But all good things must come to an end. And your student visa is not exempt from this life fact. You knew your visa expiry was coming, but you didn’t realise it was that soon.

Time to stop being blasé about renewing your student visa. You need to stop procrastinating. You need to get your affairs in order. And you need to renew your visa.

And you need to do it pronto. Because you’ll need to lodge your new student visa application before your current one expires. Otherwise you’ll be unceremoniously kicked out of Australia.

So then… how do you apply for a student visa extension?

Student Visa extensions are same same but different to applying for your original Student Visa. Just follow our simple Four-Step process and you’re on your way to renewing your stay.

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In a nutshell: Australian Student Visa Process Step by Step

Australia Student Visa Process – Studying Abroad

Applying for an Australian Student Visa is not the most exhilarating thing to look forward to before your study abroad trip. At TSHC, we‘ve created an informative and reader friendly compilation of tips and notes to simplify this process for you.

In order to be eligible, you must be pursuing a registered full time course with one of the educational institutes in Australia. It is important to fulfill the conditions of a student visa application to avoid delays in processing times.

It used to be really time consuming and complicated with an array of options but there has been a reduction of student visa subclasses from 8 to 2, Student Visa (subclass 500) and Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590).

The Student Visa process at a glance

Let’s see what the whole fuss is really about with a process outline:

Step 1: Get a confirmed place in an Australian University. (Confirmation of enrollment or Letter of offer will do.)

Step 2: Understand and comply to all the requirements, documents included. (You wouldn’t believe how much time just getting this done saves in the visa process)

Step 3: Create an online ImmiAccount. (With the introduction of Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) all student visa applications are processed online).

Step 4: Complete an Australian Student Visa application form online from your ImmiAccount.

Step 5: Upload scanned copies of required documents. (Check this tool by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to get a checklist of the documents.)

Step 6: Pay the application fees. This is usually $420 in most cases but the cost depends on your home country. (Check here for more information on how to pay).

Step 7: Apply!

Step 8: Now, you can sit back and relax, unless they ask for some additional information to provide after your application.

Step 9: Wait until your visa is confirmed. It’s generally advised to hold off buying your flight ticket until your visa comes through.

Overall, it isn’t too laborious. Let’s look at the process in detail so you will not miss out on any of the processes.

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All about Student Visa, Fees and Student Life in Australia

How much are Australian Student Visa Fees?

Why do you need a Student Visa?
Visa application and fees
Living expenses

Australia is arguably considered the largest island and smallest continent in the world (never mind Greenland, it’s not a continent anyway). A plethora of interesting and bizarre phenomenon make it a truly special place to visit.

What’s so great about Australia anyway?

The beach country is globally ranked number three as a go-to destination for international students. According to U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems, it is ranked number nine in the world for higher education. Apart from the academic seriousness, Aussie lifestyle is filled with more than 10,000 sunshine drenched beaches, some of the largest arts and culture festivals, sports (cricket), diverse cuisine and 2,000 varieties of wine and wildlife, which cannot be found anywhere else on the face of the planet.

Although Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, it only has a population of 24 million. The Aussie attitude is generally laid back and the people there usually hold very little stress. It has become extremely multicultural, with interesting opportunities for knowledge and cultural exchange. Australians are also known to be quite friendly, so don’t panic if you get a couple of g’days from the strangers on your walk to the grocery store. The crime rate is also low compared to countries like the US and regions of Europe, so much for living in a land down under.

All of this summed up together makes Australia a pretty great place to study. Getting to know the prerequisites to have in place for obtaining a student visa, living and code of conduct is important for your study abroad decision in Australia.

We at The Student Housing Company have carefully created a guide to help you through this process of obtaining an Australian student visa and getting around thereafter.


Australian Student Visa and Lifestyle Costs

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