Why Study at Curtin University?

Curtin University is one of Perth’s most popular universities! It offers the largest course selection in Perth and you’ll find students from all around the world studying here, making it Perth’s most global Uni! If you’re interested in studying at Curtin University we’ve put together this guide about courses, features and student clubs for you too!

About the University

Curtin University was established in 1966 with its main campus in Bentley. The University has over 50,000 students and has the campus size to match. Curtin ranks 250 in the QS 2018 world rankings and each year its increasing to make its way up to the top. Curtin also ranks 9th in Australia.

Curtin University Research Building



Curtin University is located south of the Perth CBD in Bentley.

Address: Kent St, Bentley, Perth, WA 6102

Curtin University Semester Dates

At Curtin University, the academic year is broken up into two semesters and they typically run from end of February to end of June and start of August to end of November. This timetable gives you perfect time to fly home for holidays, catch up with friends and travel Australia!

Unique Features

Curtin University has campuses all over the world, which gives students the option to a spend a semester in another one of their campuses. With campuses in Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore just to name a few, your degree can take you anywhere. The University also has over 90 global partner institutions that students can spend up to a year at. The learning environment is inclusive of all cultures as a third of Curtin’s students are international students.

Curtin’s Singapore Campus


How to get there

There are many ways to get to Curtin University with 7 different services stopping there frequently. Staying at The Student Housing Company’s newest student accommodation in Perth, gives you many options for public transport to Curtin, these include:

• 960 bus service from Wellington street and it’ll take you straight there

• Mandurah line train from Perth station to Canning Bridge, then bus routes 100 and 101

• Thornlie or Armadale line train to Oats Street station and then from there, then 99 bus service

Curtin has its own bus station, making it super easy to access!


What can you study?

Whether you want to become the next upcoming fashion designer or want to save lives, Curtin has the largest course offering than any other University in Western Australia, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits you! It offers a lot of unique options that you simply cannot get at any other Uni in Perth! If you didn’t know, Curtin is also now the only Western Australian University to offer Undergraduate Medicine! The entry requirements depend on the course, so, its best to visit the website here for more information.

The university is divided into 5 faculties which include:

• Aboriginal Studies

• Business and Law

• Health Sciences

• Humanities

• Science and Engineering

You can study at the newly renovated Robertson Library!


Student Life

The student guild provides lots of fun events for students throughout the year, such as Curtin O Day. If you want to meet lots of new friends, we recommend you join one of Curtin’s student run clubs! Whether you’re interested in meeting students from your own country or students with similar sporting interests, there’s over 100 to choose from and we’re sure you’ll definitely find something you’re interested in. For full list of clubs check out the Curtin Student Guild website. Not only are these clubs great for meeting people with similar interests to you, most of the clubs offer discounts to a variety of stores, restaurants and attractions around Perth!

Place Activation, a concept at Curtin to bring students together


Where to eat at Curtin Uni

Curtin has such a large campus and to complete that, has many food options! Across the road from campus is Waterford Plaza. Only a short walk, Waterford provides has many shops and eateries. The campus itself has lots of cafes and even food trucks! You can find anything from Kebabs, sandwiches, sushi and much more. Curtin Student Guild have put together a guide on best food locations, check it out here.

You’ll be spoilt for choice at Curtin Uni!



Curtin offers social sports to their students and they are the perfect way to make new friends whilst trying a sport you might not have ever played or even heard of! So, don’t worry if you’re not great at sport because social sports are designed for fun and are a great way to learn a new one. The social sports on offer at Curtin include:

• Cricket

• Beach Volleyball

• Netball

• Basketball

• Futsal

• Floorball

• Ultimate Frisbee

• Touch Rugby

Head down to the beach and participate in Beach Volleyball!


Curtin’s Student Services

Curtin’s main campus has stores, sport and recreational activities. Curtin’s main Robertson Library is open 24 hours each day which means you can head there any time you like to study. It’s also complete with Sleeping Pods for those nights where you didn’t get enough sleep but don’t worry they have timers so you won’t be sleeping through anything important.

Curtin University is home to Curtin stadium, which is where most of their social sports are played and where the gym is located. The gym is open to all students for a fee however, The Boulevard has a free onsite gym for your convenience too! Curtin Stadium is also popular venue in Perth so you’ll find there’s always something going on there!

The sleep pods at Curtin are always in use!


Curtin University is one of Australia’s most global Universities and we know you’d definitely enjoy your time here!

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If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact us about life in Perth or life as a student in Australia!