Where Can You Get Cheap Student Discounts in Australia?

Let’s be honest, Australia can be a bit expensive and the “poor Uni student” struggle is real. That’s why we’re here to give you the ultimate student discount guide to Oz. Welcome to the land of thrifty student life hacks. Time to get your uni discount (A.K.A scrooge) on. Stop your bank account leaking! Welcome to thrifty Student 101.

Now, time for the hard-hitting questions: ‘What do we students care about most in the world?’ AND ‘Where do we want our hard(ly) earned student discount?’

Please. Like that requires any brain picking. Let’s address the obvious.


Bring on the Apple student discounts, right? After all, we are generation TECH. Just give us something bright, shiny, with 5G, and preferably minimal eyestrain.

That’s right folks, I’m talking about all the good things in life like JB Hi Fi, Spotify, anything Apple related, Microsoft, Dell or HP (if that’s your jam…), Laptops, iPhones, Androids (for the tech savvy). Give us the gadgets! Cheaply.


Student Discount Apple: Apple always has some fresh deals on its products. Though you won’t find it on their official website per se. Just do a little Google search for ‘Apple Student Discounts’ and you’ll find plenty of websites offering cheap deals on Apple products. Then you can get some much-needed savings on your next Mac or iPad.

Student Discount Microsoft: For those of you not on the Apple bandwagon, there are always hot student discounts at Microsoft. Well, I mean, maybe not super-hot, but you can definitely get discounts around the 10% mark.

Student Discount JB Hi Fi: JB Hi Fi is super cheap already so you’ll have to look a little harder when it comes to their student discount offers. Student Edge is a great website that’ll keep you posted on any JB Hi Fi student promos that surface. And for the skint-broke a little extra somethin’ somethin’ is always ideal.

Student Discount Spotify: Surely, you’ve heard those ads on Spotify advertising student discounts? For those of you who haven’t been listening, tune in and get Spotify Premium for a price not dissimilar to your morning coffee! Say goodbye to the ads and hello to some free-flowing discounted music.



In Australia we love our vintage shops. And thank God, Allah and L. Ron Hubbard for that, because now you can wear hammy-downs and actually be on trend. So, our top tip is to hit the streets and start sifting through your local op-shop, ‘cause every day is discount day.

Now, while vintage shopping is great, it’s also not for the fainthearted. For a lot of us the process is a bit of an ordeal. Who has time to do all that sifting when you’ve got a hundred (probably just two) assignments due? This is where online discounts come into the equation:

Student Discount The Iconic: Safe to assume we all know who The Iconic are. If you don’t, get out from under that rock! The Iconic has awesome clothes (a bit of something for everyone) that are already super cheap. Nonetheless, The Iconic still have a regular roll out of student discounts. So, time to start trolling their website and find those bargain buys.

Student Discount ASOS: ASOS is basically in the same boat as The Iconic: Order online, hit up the student discount section, get your something% off deal, and get your funky AF garments delivered. All at the click of a button. Flag leaving the house when you can watch Netflix instead.

Student Discount Misguided: We love student discounts. And Misguided loves to give them to us. They pretty much always have 40%-50% off discounts for students, so register online a.s.a.p. THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE. Plus, you’ll get all the trimmings of online shopping; order online, cheap shipping, and delivery to your door (because you’re still watching Netflix, right?).

If you like dressing chic but cheap…check out PrettyLittleThing (up to 30% off) and Nasty Gal (up to a whopping 55% off) #winning. And for those of you who enjoy exercise, or envision a future you, somewhere…deep down…way down…that will, ADIDAS also offers student discounts on its speedy apparel.



Student Discount Food: Cause we all need to eat…excessively. How else will you get through that assessment and/or hangover? So where can you get your #CheapEats and subsequent #SugarRush #SummerBody?

Simple! Hit up a chain store. They love two-for-one deals and offer student discounts on a regular basis. Otherwise check out #CheapEats for the ultimate guide to great budget venues.

It’s also always worth checking your local pub. You’ll find most establishments have discounts during the week to make up for the quieter nights. And keeping an eye out for food coupons in your uni vicinity is worth a shot. There are usually promo-people handing out coupons at the front entrances.

Maybe you’re not bothered to hunt around your uni hood for deals OR take a fine-tooth comb over Google search results. That’s totally fine. Student Beans and First Table will make your job a whole lot easier.

Student Beans is a great site for discount deals at food chains (takeaway or dine in).

First Table is awesome if you want more of that dining out experience (assuming you’re open to early bird specials). You and your mates just need to figure out where you want to eat, book via First Table, and you’ll get 50% off your meal!

But let’s be real. Sometimes the struggle is really real. And for whatever reason, the outdoors is simply not an option. On a cold, winter’s day in Melbourne you’ll be grateful that our student apartments come kitted out with a modern kitchen so that you don’t have to brave the outdoors. Choose Netflix instead.

Cooking at home is one of the best ways to save $$$. If you know how to grocery shop without getting distracted by all of the tasty impulse-purchase hurdles that are put in your way. Going out to get milk and coming home with four bars of chocolate instead is a thing, believe us. That’s where savings and budget blogs like Savings Room come in handy. Or if meal planning is your thing, try buying in bulk and saving yourself time and energy navigating the supermarket with sites like Dollar Dinners.


Student Discount Bars: When you’re at uni it can’t be all work and no play. Something’s got to take the edge off study mode. So, you should always grab happy hour drinks while you can. Most places revolve around the 5-7 time-slot. You’ll also find that most venues near uni will offer discounted student nights. So, keep up with their social sites to see what’s in it for you.



Student Discount Flights: For those wanderlust, jet-setting, globe-trotting students out there, flight deals are a must-have (particularly when you’re playing with a student income).

Websites like ExpediaWebjet, and Skyscanner will filter through the best and cheapest flights and travel combo deals. When it comes to finding cheap flights, the sky’s the limit.

But maybe you’re wanting something really tailored to student discounts. Then you’re best off checking in with Student FlightsStudent UniverseFlight Centre and cheapOair. These companies are always offering amazing travel deals and student flight discounts. All you need to do is enter your destination or suss out what deals are on and start booking your whirl-wind adventure. Time to take your much-needed uni break!

Cheap Travel Packages: If you’re on the cheap flight bandwagon it’s also worth considering student discounts on travel packages. Intrepid often has travel deals for students on its guided tours packages. Contiki also has travel packages available for students at discount prices. Meanwhile, if you want something more local, Student Uni Travel is a great site for Australia travel packages, including day and weekend tours for students who just need a quick getaway.



Whether your body’s a temple or a battleground, a gym membership is going to get you on the path to summer ready. Plus, exercise is just a great way to reboot your brain between study sessions (besides coffee of course). That’s why our Infinity Place student accommodation in Melbourne and The Boulevard student housing in Perth both have gyms on site!

You’ll find that most gyms have student discounts in some form or other. So, you’ve got plenty of flexibility in the what and where of your exercise. Fitness First in particular has some super cheap student discounts on offer.

And if you want to change up your workout routines and venues, Groupon offers around 70% off on everything from 6-week workshops, 5-10 class passes, and monthly discounts.



If you don't have time to search yourself, there are always discount websites dedicated to making your limited student bucks go the mile. Why not get a few search-bar favourites so you can maintain your glamorous, not-quite skint broke, student lifestyle.


Student Edge offers tons of student discounts, like Uber and Uber Eats, the Iconic, Spotify, Fitness First, Woolworths, and other food chains. However, the real deal is on the electronics, with up to 25% off on Microsoft and Apple Store products, and 40% off Lenovo products.

UniDays is your best bet when it comes to student discounts on clothing. So, if your wardrobe’s starting to look tragic, you know where to go. But clothes aren’t where it ends. UniDays offers discounts on a ton of other cool and necessary stuff too e.g. Androids, Tablets, Apple Products, Uber, Travel Packages, and Protein Shakes (if you’re about that). Plus, most stores will only give you discounts if you’re a UniDays member, so you’d better join up fast.

Groupon is also a great site to get student discounts on fun activities. You can save up to 70% off on hundreds of things to do near you. So, if you need to escape brain fog, Groupon will supply you and your penny-pinching comrades with cheap mini trips and events that can save you the cash crunch.


You should also bring out the big guns and invest in an ISIC card. It essentially acts as a global proof of student ID. It has tons of benefits like saving you 20% off thousands of restaurants, 40% on flights, and plenty of discounts on basic survival needs (think petrol, groceries, and most of all, alcohol!).


This is a weird one, I know, so bear with me. As you walk out of your uni building, keep an eye out for promo-people handing out discount pamphlets. They’re hard to miss really. Now, resist the urge to shout NO at the annoying salespeople approaching. Just chuck out your hand, say “thank you kindly”, and hunt down whatever bargain barrel their golden ticket leads you to. “Honest sir, I didn’t want the beer, the ticket made me do it.”

Anyway. It’s about time we wrap up our info session. Hopefully you’re feeling a bit more student discount savvy in The Merry Old Land Of Oz. And if not maybe it’s time to consider getting a student job. We’ve given you the know-how, soooo… now it’s time to get out there in the big wide world (web) and nab those budget buys. Happy discount shopping!


What Student Discounts Can I Get? You can get student discounts on anything from tech, to clothing, travel, food and drinks. Check out retailers (Apple, JB Hi-Fi, The Iconic, Flight Centre) or student discount websites (UniDays, Groupon, Student Beans).

Can Student Discounts Be Used On Sale Items? No (usually). For most retailers, student discounts exclude sale items. However, you can find the odd place like Topshop that offer student discounts on top of sale prices.

How Do Student Discounts Work? Just display your student ID card at the venue/store or enter your ID number into the student discount section online.

Which Student Discount Card Should I get? ISIC cards are the only internationally recognised student ID. You can apply for your card via the ISIC website so you’re officially recognised for student discounts.