Which Student Housing is right for you? An Accommodation Guide to Perth

So, you’re thinking of studying in Perth? Well then, first and foremost (after looking at the best universities in Perth to study at) you’ll need to find somewhere to live. Somewhere to sleep, somewhere to wake up, somewhere to study, somewhere to hang out with friends, somewhere to drink, somewhere to eat, and all of the good stuff in between. Somewhere to call home.

In that case you’re going to need some student housing solutions. So where will you choose to work hard and play hard?

Finding the right student housing for you can be a bit of an ordeal. Of course it is. Where you choose to live is a big deal! So, you have to find the student accommodation option that’s ideal for you.

And there are so many options for student living: campus apartments, university housing, international student residences, off-campus housing providers, homestays, individual or shared apartment rentals…

With all the options out there, how on earth will you sift through and pick apart the vast array of choices, to find the housing option that fits you? Just stick with us. We’ll give you the downlow. We’ll make life easy. Make your house shopping breezy. Time to find your home sweet (student) home.


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Let’s begin. When you think about student housing the first op that tends to come to mind is campus apartments.

University housing is a great way to mesh into your new uni community. Your physical being literally never has to leave your university campus. How much more integrated can you get? Your very own university Wally World.

This sort of student accommodation assumes you’re the kind of person obsessed with all things uni life. So, if you are a university zealot, stay tuned for a guide to on-campus university housing in Perth.

University of Western Australia (UWA):

Accommodation & Facilities:
At UWA, on-campus accommodation equals an “all-inclusive lifestyle”, so rest assured your board comes with meals, laundry, gym access, library, a games and music room, common rooms and study areas, plus outdoor spaces and the all-important wifi.

If you’re after student accommodation at UWA, you can choose to live on-campus at College Row or off-campus at Crawley Village.

Collectively known as ‘College Row’, UWA’s five residential colleges are located just opposite UWA’s main campus. So, you can expect an extremely short walk to all areas of the university and to start setting your alarm to go off 5 minutes before lectures start.
These five residential colleges include: St Catherine’s College, St George’s College, St Thomas Moore College, Trinity, and University Hall.

If, on the other hand, you’re chasing more of that “independent living” vibe then you also have the option of living at Crawley Village.

Crawley Village’ is basically a collective group of residential student housing and apartments owned (and operated) by UWA. These are still adjacent to the UWA campus and the properties offered are either partially furnished or unfurnished. So, you can add some decorative flavour to make your place yours.

Price Guide:
Fees associated with UWA student housing vary depending on whether you’ve opted for College Row or Crawley Village (with extra variance between the residential colleges).

To make prices even less consistent, weekly accommodation fees also differ in regard to the kind of room (single or shared) and package you choose (standard or premium).

To give you a general idea, if you choose to have accommodation with full access to amenities, Internet, and college activities & events, you’re looking at a weekly payment of about $400. This has some price wriggle room upwards or downwards depending on what your budget is.

View our locations & arrange an in-person or Skype viewing: https://thestudenthousingcompany.com.au/arrange-a-viewing/

Curtin University

Accommodation & Facilities:
Curtin University on-campus housing has a decent amount of variety. You can choose between on-campus apartments and campus villages (think housing estates).

To make life easy for you, all accommodation comes furnished. And to make life safer for you, you’ve got your very own security with on-site management.

In terms of facilities, Curtin accommodation provides plenty of free extra amenities, (again it will depend on the specific place you choose to rent) like parking, laundry, pools, tennis & squash courts, barbeque areas, common & study rooms, and a gym.

Price Guide:
Curtin operates on a weekly rental payment basis, with median prices averaging the $220 mark. There are also additional fees per semester for application/processing, facilities, and departure clean. These add up to roughly an extra $400.

Murdoch University

Accommodation & Facilities:
At Murdoch University, you’ll find student housing in the Murdoch University Village. This is located right on the main Perth campus, too easy!

The University Village complex offers a wide range of secure, self-catered, shared apartments. Think 5-8 bedroom apartments that you’ll be sharing with your future student flatmates.

Amenity and recreational highlights include a swimming pool, e-library, outdoor communal area, a movie room, group study lounge, with optional Internet and room cleaning (fees apply!).

Price Guide:
Murdoch has a no surprise approach to fees, so weekly room rates for on-campus accommodation are all-inclusive. And utilities included is always a positive when you’re trying to budget in those long morning wake-up showers.

If you’re a lover of choice, the way you pay is also optional. You can choose weekly, fortnightly, half-yearly, or annual pay instalments.

To get a gauge on cost, you’re looking at a weekly price (speculative to change) of about $150-$250. A shared room hits the $150 average, whereas a private room (in a shared apartment) comes in at about $200.


student acc options

Now, not everyone wants to make university the be all and end all and that’s totally fair. If you want the social housing aspect minus the “your uni is your house” aspect, then off-campus student accommodation providers are the way to go. This is where The Student Housing Company enter the picture. Now we don’t want to be biased, BUT, this write up is going to be a little longer…


Accommodation & Facilities:
TSHC is all about catering to the social but independent student. Our Perth student accommodation at ‘The Boulevard’ is located in Northbridge, Perth’s trendy social and cultural district. ‘Cause you’ll want to get out and about and explore Perth, right?

First things first: Location, location, location! You’ll be centrally located near Perth’s main shopping district, public transport, beaches, and key destinations.

Being in the heart of Perth’s public transport network means you’re just around the corner from The Perth Central Railway and Bus Station. So, you’re free to choose whichever university you please, in the heart or outskirts of the city. Because getting there’s not going to be an issue!

Now while we’re big, BIG, fans of sleeping, TSHC will provide you with more than just a bed. The Boulevard features a bunch of communal spaces for you to socialise, study, and chill out in.
Basically, we just don’t want you to be bored, but no pressure: feel free to be bored if that’s your jam. Nonetheless, for you lovers of activities out there, we’ve fitted the building with plenty of facilities:

  • a gym
  • outdoor pool (you’ll thank us in the middle of a Perth summer…)
  • TV room
  • communal kitchen
  • communal laundry, and
  • an outdoor lounge with a cinema and barbeques (’cause that’s the Aussie way).

This all leaves plenty of room for you to mesh yourself into The Boulevard community, find a support network, meet people from all over the world (and across different unis in Perth), socialise, and of course, study.

For those of you who want to be a Well-Being, we also offer an in-house wellbeing program that runs events and activities designed to give you some much needed support, tools, and opportunities to enhance your student experience and future career path.

Time to get specific.

What’s included in your rent:

  • All-inclusive rent, no hidden costs. Your water, electricity, gas, air-con, and internet are paid for. Done, finito, no buts about it.
  • Fully furnished rooms/apartments, featuring all the good things in life: comfy bed, desk and study space, plenty of storage with tons of wardrobe space, fully kitted kitchen and dining space with all your appliance and furniture needs, air-con, and the all-necessary TV.
  • 15m Swimming pool, because you want to save money on a pool membership and love being a mermaid. Oh, and because Perth’s summers get steamy.
  • High speed unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the entire building, enough said.
  • Onsite laundry, with an abundance of machines. Because you’re going to have to wash and dry your clothes at some point in time, right? May as well do it with ease.
  • Outdoor cinema, with comfy seating, a massive screen, against the backdrop of a spectacular Perth sunset… you’ll never go wanting!
  • Communal study spaces, because you’re going to have to do uni work at some point in time (between watching movies and socialising that is).
  • Onsite gym, treadmills, bikes, free weights… you name it, we’ve got it. Now you have no excuses.
  • Onsite parking, assuming you don’t want to walk post workout or spend time hunting street parking.
  • Onsite service team, our support team is available 24 hours a day (like all good fast food joints) to deliver you all the customer service, wellbeing, help and support you may need.
  • 24 hour CCTV security, because safety and security are our top priority.
  • Maintenance services, if anything goes wrong we’ll make it right. Fast.
  • Post and parcel service, our reception staff are happy to collect and sign off items if you’re out, so you don’t miss that Amazon delivery!
  • Roof terrace, with amazing views over the city and epic space for chilling out on those hot summer evenings.

Price Guide:
Unforeseen bills are the worst, so TSHC wants to be as upfront as humanely possible with rent. What this means for you is that, when it comes to renting at The Boulevard, you can expect an all-inclusive pricing model. That means all utility bills are included in your total rent payment (electricity, gas, water, unlimited Wi-Fi).

Now you can’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach to humans, so we’ve got a bit of something for everyone at The Boulevard. Our student housing offers six different kinds of accommodation and pricing. Plus, we offer both communal and individual living options, so you can figure out which room’s right for you depending on how much you value personal space.
To give you an idea of our weekly prices:

  • Studio Apartment: Live in a comfortable, entirely self-contained studio, in your own space, on your own, how you like it, for $399 a week.
  • Twin Studio Apartment: You want your own place, the studio apartment sounds good, but you don’t want to spend too much? Simple answer: add a plus one flatmate (maybe an old or new friend?) and it’ll only cost you $239 per person.
  • 5-Bed Apartment: If you want to live with friends or make some new ones, this is the perfect communal living option. You’ll be sharing great common spaces with all your flatmates. But when it’s time for a retreat you still have plenty of privacy in your very own double room. Prices are set at $299 per week, however if you want to get all fancy on us (or you’re just really not a bathroom sharer), you can get the ensuite room for $329.
  • 6-Bed Apartment: If the 5-person bedroom looked a bit pricey, then just add a sixth person and now you’re down to $289 a week. Too easy.

Check out The Boulevard Student Handbook for any extra (detailed) information you need to know.


Accommodation & Facilities:
If you’re feeling a bit more anti-student housing, and pro-independent, individual living, you always have the option of standard fare renting.

Now considering the cost of living in Australia, all signs point to you finding a few flatmates. So communal living is in all likelihood where your accommodation is still heading.

You’ll find plenty of apartments and accommodation options in Perth’s city vicinity. And the quality of the apartment, the furnishings, and facilities is all a matter of price and place.

You can check out plenty of apartments available on websites like Domain. Sift through and figure out the what, where and who of the apartment (and correlating facilities) that are right for you.

Whatever website you choose to search, it’s all just a matter of entering the type of room/accommodation you want, which location, and for what price. Simple.

Bonus tip: You’ll find Curtin University has a Housing Advisory Service with comprehensive off-campus accommodation databases.

Price Guide:
Now this is a lot harder to estimate. In reality, renting can be as expensive or cheap as you make it. Average apartment prices (for decent apartments and decent locations) range from $250-$400 (but remember this isn’t including utility costs).

At the end of the day it’s all a matter of how well you budget. So, your costs are all dependent on whether you’re a lavish lover of the good things in life (long hot showers, fancy feasts, non-stop internet usage) OR you’re well adept at cheap eats and the cheap way of life (because that’s a lifestyle in its own right).


Last but not least, homestays are worthy of a mention. If you’re an international student and you think you’ll need more of that family vibe, a home away from home, then homestays are the pick for you.

Of course, you’re going to have to play by house rules, which makes for not-so-independent living. But if this is A-OK for you then homestays are a great way to really feel at home while studying abroad in Perth.

Living with a host family also gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Australian culture, outside of university and student housing. In a way it’s like being adopted by an Australian family.

Accommodation obviously varies depending on whose home you’re occupying. And the furnishings will change dramatically too (god forbid you find yourself in a “no TV in the house” kind of host family, and god hope you find yourself in a super lavish house).

The plus side of hosting is you’ll get meals, utilities, and accommodation all included in your homestay package (assuming you don’t go for a cheap option).

Price Guide:
In terms of price, homestay fees are subject to a decent amount of change, as host rates vary. For a general idea, your stock standard over-18s homestay package (food, accommodation and utilities included) costs about $300. If you want to flick the family meals, your median price is more around the $200 mark. But in all honesty, for that extra bit of money, who wouldn’t want someone else to cook???

Time to wrap up our discussion:

At the end of the day, students aren’t cut copy moulds of each other. So, it’s up to you to decide on which student accommodation fits your needs to find the right housing for you while studying in Perth. Be it on-campus housing, off-campus communal living, renting your own place, or being part of a host family. Where will you choose to call home (away from) sweet home?