Silent Yoga is Coming to Students in Perth & it's Free!

Feeling the stress of assignments and study? Silent Yoga has arrived in Perth and we are giving students the opportunity to try it first!

Escape the stresses of exams by immersing yourself in a yoga class with our brand new silent yoga headphones.


The details:

4th October 2018 Murdoch University – Bush Court

8th October 2018 University of Western Australia – Oak Lawn

18th October 2018 Murdoch University – Bush Court

23rd October 2018 Curtin University – Atkinson Forum


Cost: FREE – Please register here to ensure you do not miss out!



So, what is Silent Yoga?

Silent Yoga is a brand-new concept designed to give you the ultimate yoga experience! Each student will get to use a silent yoga headset where you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the class with our special headphones that block out all the distractions! You’ll only be able to hear the teacher and the calming music. We’re talking silent disco headphones and yoga combined!

Why Yoga?

We know Uni is starting to get busy right now but we believe that wellbeing is extremely important for the student life style! When you choose to live with us, you don’t just get a room but you join a vibrant community. We love to provide events for our students to support our 9 areas of wellbeing, these include:
• Spiritual
• Mental
• Cultural
• Social
• Physical
• Academic
• Financial
• Career

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