Save water this World Water Day

World Water Day held on 22 March highlights the importance of clean, fresh and sustainable water. Did you know, there are 2.2. billion people surviving in the world without access to safe water. But we are all vulnerable to the threats water faces. After all, it’s what keeps our planet ticking! With growing populations across the world, new agriculture and industry practices, plus the impacts of climate change we must all do what we can to keep water flowing (literally). 

Thankfully we can make a difference! Check out our top 5 tips to reducing your water consumption…

1. Buy second-hand

There is hidden water in the products we buy. For example, one cotton t-shirt has about 2,700 litres of water embedded in its production, which is around 49 baths full of water!

2. Cuppa?

Firstly, only boil only the water you need. This will save water and energy. Secondly, did you know most teas are supposed to be brewed below boiling point? Hit the off button earlier than you think!

3. Stick a lid on it!

Using the lid on saucepans reduces the amount of water lost through evaporation. It also helps your lovely veg cook more quickly.

4. Drink up!

When you add up the water used to produce the ground coffee, from irrigating coffee plants to processing the beans, your 125ml cup actually equates to 132 litres. Yikes!

5. Reduce food waste

It takes a lot of water to produce all of our food. By eating what we have, planning meals and only buying what we need we can reduce food waste, save water, and save money.

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