How Does Being an International Student in Perth Compare to Other Major Australian Cities?

Australia is home to some incredible cities, all with many unique features that attract international students from all across the globe. Whether you’re interested exploring the beautiful beaches of Perth on the west coast or the hustle and bustle of a big city like Melbourne, we will show you what it means to be a student in Perth compared to all other major capital cities in Australia.



Perth’s most popular beach, Cottesloe! – Perfect place to de-stress after a long day at Uni!

Size and population

Perth’s population is 1.6 million, which is an ideal size for new international students as it’s not too small or too large! It’s not too big that it takes forever to get to the places you want to go but is the perfect size for meeting up with friends who are studying at different universities throughout Perth.

Visiting beaches in Perth

Perth is home to some of the best beaches in the country! The great thing about them is they are never overly crowded as you have the whole coast to explore and find a spot that’s completely secluded! Perth beaches are known for pure white sand and crystal-clear water, they’re enjoyable at all times of the year, even in the middle of winter!

Best things about living in Perth for students

Not only is Perth home to some of the best beaches, living in Perth gives you easy access to the beautiful natural sights of Western Australia. International students in Perth love to explore the different landmarks such as Rottnest Island and the Pinnacle. You can read more about where students like to visit for day trips on our recent blog! If you are a nature person, Perth is definitely for you!



Spend your summer weekends exploring the many secluded bays of Perth’s very own Rottnest Island!

The not so good about Perth

We may be one of the most isolated capital cities in the world and locals often complain there is nothing to do but in reality, students just need to know where to go! Check out our list about the best festivals in Perth for international students to see what’s going on in Perth! Students in Perth love to enjoy the annual Fringe Festival, held only minutes away from our brand-new student accommodation in Perth, The Boulevard!



Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square – Uni students will always find an event going on here!

Size and Population

Melbourne’s population is 4.2 million. The bigger size may appeal to most students however smaller cities definitely have their perks! Perth is a lot more compact, meaning that most suburbs are within easy reach of the CBD. In some Melbourne suburbs, it can take more than 30 minutes just to reach a beach but in Perth, most beaches are easily accessible under 30 minutes!

Visiting beaches in Melbourne

Melbourne is known for being a large developed city but if you’re into beaches, St Kilda is their most famous beach. It’s close to the city, with attractions on all year-round. You’ll definitely expect to see lots of international students enjoying their time here. It is also really easy to get to if you are staying with us at our brand-new student accommodation in Melbourne called University Square. The great thing about Perth is we have a lot of great beaches to explore as the city is centred within close proximity to the coast! Perth’s City Beach is only 20 minutes from the CBD!

Best things about living in Melbourne for students

Melbourne is a great city filled with arts, culture, sport and entertainment! International students in Melbourne always find there’s something to do. We all know students need coffee to function and Melbourne has some of the world’s best! You’ll be spoilt for choice. Melbourne is easily accessible for international students’ due to their reliable tram system that transports students throughout the whole city making commuting without a car super easy! To read more about the international student lifestyle in Melbourne check out our guide to Melbourne.


Melbourne’s tram system will get you everywhere you need to go!

The not so good about Melbourne

Melbourne is a beautiful and vibrant city however, there is one thing that locals seem to complain about and it’s the weather! Melbourne’s winter can get really cold compared to other cities. Perth on the other hand, has the highest average temperature so if you really want to escape the cold, Perth is the city for you!



The Sydney Opera House is landmark you can’t miss!

Size and Population

Sydney is the largest and most populous city in Australia! As Sydney is recognised globally, there are always local and international events taking place here! You’ll never be bored on the weekends and can spend your time exploring every inch of the city with your new friends! However, as Sydney is so large, locals often complain about traffic congestion. In a smaller city like Perth, it is much faster to get to places. The population is much smaller so bad traffic is minimal.

Visiting beaches in Sydney

Sydney is home to many great beaches! Its most popular one is Bondi Beach, on a hot summers day Bondi can attract up to 40,000 people at once! As Perth has a whole coast of beaches, they are never overly crowded and if you’re lucky enough you may end up with a whole secluded beach to yourself! Perfect place to de-stress with friends after a long day at Uni or after studying all day for your exams.

Best things about living in Sydney for students

Sydney is the most popular tourist destination in Australia and one of the biggest cities to be an international student in! Known for the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Sydney is a vibrant entertainment destination. It’s so big that there are over 500 neighbourhoods all with different quirks and unique spots, so you can definitely find the perfect area to live here!


Not too afraid of heights? The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is the perfect activity for you!

The not so good about Sydney

Sydney is very large with suburbs up to an hour’s drive away from the CBD. The Sydney CBD is where all the action is and is also very expensive for students to live in, so students may be more suited to living further out which can be inconvenient for commuting. In Perth, The Boulevard is centrally located so students can easily enjoy the great events and sights of Perth, conveniently from their doorstop!



Students can dine and wine taste in the picturesque Barossa Valley

Size and Population

Adelaide is one of the smaller cities and the most similar to Perth! International students love Adelaide’s great sense of community. Did we mention Adelaide has the lowest cost of living? Perfect for the University student budget! It’s also known to be a 20-minute city. Which means all the major hot spots such as the city, airport, Universities and beaches are all accessible within 20 minutes. This makes commuting for student’s super convenient!

Visiting beaches in Adelaide

Adelaide has lots of nice beaches that are easily accessible from most suburbs. As Adelaide is significantly smaller than all the other cities, it’ll be easier to enjoy the calm beaches all year round with no crowds. Glenelg is the most popular and is located within close proximity to entertainment and dining areas.

Best things about living in Adelaide for students

Adelaide is home to the Barossa Valley and many gorgeous beaches. So, you’ll be spoilt for choice with nice scenery to relax with your friends after a stressful week of studying. Something unique that you might not know about Adelaide, is that it’s also dubbed the City of Churches due to its history with unique architecture. There’s definitely plenty of great things about living here!


Glenelg beach is the perfect spot to hang out with friends

The not so good about Adelaide

Adelaide is the smallest capital city, so if you really want experience more events Perth is the better choice! But just like Perth, lots of international students love living there and find it one of the best places to live for its laid-back vibes and great sense of community!


The cost of living will vary depending on where you are staying and what type of accommodation you’ll be staying in. The great thing about living with us at our brand new student accommodation properties is that your rent will be all-inclusive, so there won’t be any hidden costs!

Sydney is Australia’s biggest city and with that comes the highest cost of living whilst Adelaide is our smallest with the lowest cost of living. Check out this table below to compare cost of living. These figures are dependent on each student own lifestyle so if you want to calculate cost of living based on your personal choices check out this calculator that our friends at Insider Guides have put together to estimate your cost of living.

cost of living

So, what do you think? Is Perth your dream destination to be an international student in? Learn more about the student life style in Perth by reading our very own guide to being an international student!

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