Working On An Australian Student Visa

Being an international student is a costly affair. You have to pay your way through the visa application fees, plane tickets, tertiary fees, health cover, and general living expenses like food, fire, shelter, funky clothing, and even funkier shiny gadgets.

Sure, you’ll have a little help from relatives during your student exchange, but there’s always a time to pitch in and help. Plus, part-time work while studying is a great way to build confidence, meet new people, and get a bit of extra cashflow for boozy nights with your new uni crew (assuming you enjoy killing brain cells).

Mid flicking through job ideas, the thought suddenly occurs to you… are international students even allowed to work?

For those of you confused and/or concerned, the answer dear, aspiring, student worker is: Yes You Can.

But, before you jump up and down with excitement you must know: part-time work while studying comes with conditions. The Australian government is a big fan of conditions. And it has plenty when it comes to student visas in Australia.

So, let’s start off our discussion. What are the working conditions for student visa holders in Australia?

How Many Hours Can A Student Work?

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Australian Student Visa Checklist

The world was born into chaos, and then there was order. The student visa process is kind of like this… kind of… sort of… not really… bear with us, this has a point!

Your student visa application isn’t exactly biblical, but the same rule applies that it will be a bit of a chaotic process. That is, until you intervene, and create order.

And nothing says order quite like a Student Visa Checklist!

But don’t worry – we’re here to give you some much-needed structure and visa information, as well as some top-notch student accommodation. Avoid falling into visa application disarray and dismay, and read on to learn more!

The student visa (subclass500) will allow you to stay and study in Australia. And in order to be eligible you’ve got to tick off the Australian student visa requirements: Enrolment, Genuine Temporary Entrant, English language Skills, Financial Capacity, Health Examinations & Insurance, Character Assessment, and so on and so forth.

Not only do you need to tick off these requirements, but you need to make sure you attach all the required documentary evidence. So which documents will you need to apply for your visa? Time to check-in with the checklist.

Student Visa Requirement Checklist

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The student guide to travel in Australia

Whether you’re an international student here for the Aussie uni experience or a local student wanting to explore more of the country, making time for a trip around Australia is a solid must. With its pristine coastline, red deserts, tropical rainforests, buzzing cities, multicolour reefs and unique wildlife, the island continent is as wild as it is beautiful and has so much to offer.

But the thing about Australia is it’s big. Like, seriously big. Roughly the size of mainland USA, in fact, and generally much more vast than the average traveller realises. And with so many millions of square kilometres to potentially cover, figuring out the best way to go about it without rendering yourself entirely broke can seem pretty daunting.

Don’t worry though. There are plenty of different ways to travel cheap in Australia, whether you’re wanting an organised tour or a do-it-yourself kinda trip by bus, van, train or plane.

A few points you might want to consider before thinking about travel options are:

  • How much time do you want to spend on the road?
  • What are your must sees?
  • Coast vs outback?
  • Adventure vs relaxation?
  • Cities vs nature?

Once you’ve got a rough idea of your travel priorities, here are some ways you can go about putting together your ultimate Australia trip.

  • Organised tours in Australia
  • Flights in Australia
  • Travel in Australia by bus
  • Travel in Australia by train
  • Travel Australia in a van or car
  • Where to sleep on the road: camping vs accommodation
  • Top money-saving tips for traveling Australia on a budget

Organised tours in Australia

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Studying In Australia: How To Get Your Student Visa

Get your student visa approved
If you’re planning to take that big leap to study abroad in Australia, you’re going to need a student visa. No buts about it. So how do you get one?

The student visa application process definitely isn’t mysterious. To be honest it’s pretty clear-cut and dry. But still, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to navigating all the policy documents, and not missing any of the requirement fine print.

So, we’re going to make life easier and give you a step-by-step, beginning to end, top to bottom, rundown of the student visa process. You’re going to have to follow the Department of Home Affairs (strict) guidelines if you’re wanting to study in Oz.

What kind of visa will you be applying for? If you’re planning on studying in Australia, you’re going to need a Student Visa: Subclass 500. This visa allows you to stay in Australia to study full-time at a recognised education institution. In that case, you’re going to have to tick off the Subclass 500 requirements. Let’s get started.

Before we run through the visa process, there is one fundamental box that you need to make sure you’ve got covered: you need to be at least 6 years of age.

That should be pretty doable, so let’s get stuck into the nitty gritty… Here are the Student Visa (Subclass 500) requirements that you’re going to need to tick off:

STEP 1: Enrolment

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What are the top ten universities in the world for 2019?

Best Universities
Oxford. Harvard. Stanford. These institutions are but a few that have become household names when it comes to excellence in university education. But are these truly the best of the best when it comes to international study choices?

And on that note, what really makes a university the best in the world?

Each year, education firm Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) uses a methodology to assess, rate and rank universities around the world. These World University Rankings have widely been recognised as the most authoritative of their kind, providing prospective students with various measures of their quality and prestige.

15_Best Unis in the World

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Australian Student Visa Fees

Money makes the world go round. So, if you’re planning on going round the world to the land of Australia, you’ll want a bit of cash to be coming in. Unfortunately, like all things in life, your student visa’s going to cost you.

Student visas come with student visa fees. Student exchange comes with tuition fees. And student living comes with, you got it, living fees.

Studying in Australia takes a lot of planning. And as with all well-thought out plans, you need to budget. Time to find out how much your student visa application and student exchange are going to cost you. You need to make sure your exchange in Australia doesn’t break the bank.

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7 Reasons Student Visa Are Rejected in Australia

So, you’ve decided to study in Australia. You’ve tossed up between the best cities to live, compared Australia’s top universities, scrounged through student accommodation, and planned your funky exchange student wardrobe.

This is all well and good. But if you’re really wanting to study in Australia you’re going to need a student visa. Now student visas have a complicated set of requirements. And you’re going to have to tick them off if you want to get that coveted stamp of approval.

So how do you ace the visa test? Simple. You have to defend your visa. Protect it from rejection. Barricade it from denial. You need to follow the student visa process step-by-step.

And the only way you can do that is if you know what pitfalls to look out for. So, time to get familiar with the top 7 failures in visa applications, and how you can avoid them. Time to craft a visa that’s impervious to rejection.

1. Failure to Meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement.

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