Top jobs for students in Adelaide

The capital of South Australia and Australia’s most affordable city, Adelaide is the perfect place for students wanting an authentic Aussie lifestyle without the extra expense. Away from the frantic pace of the megacities, Adelaide is bordered by 5,000km of coast, with vineyards, lush hills, sheep stations, mountains and deserts all within easy reach. It has a thriving festival culture, more restaurants per capita of any city and the biggest fresh produce market in the Southern Hemisphere, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that there is nothing going on!

With so much to see and do, getting a casual job in Adelaide is the way to go for students wanting a little extra income and financial freedom. As well as sponsoring your fun and quality of life, working part time is actually a great way to make friends, engage with the local community and even work on your English if you’re an international student.

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Working On An Australian Student Visa

Being an international student is a costly affair. You have to pay your way through the visa application fees, plane tickets, tertiary fees, health cover, and general living expenses like food, fire, shelter, funky clothing, and even funkier shiny gadgets.

Sure, you’ll have a little help from relatives during your student exchange, but there’s always a time to pitch in and help. Plus, part-time work while studying is a great way to build confidence, meet new people, and get a bit of extra cashflow for boozy nights with your new uni crew (assuming you enjoy killing brain cells).

Mid flicking through job ideas, the thought suddenly occurs to you… are international students even allowed to work?

For those of you confused and/or concerned, the answer dear, aspiring, student worker is: Yes You Can.

But, before you jump up and down with excitement you must know: part-time work while studying comes with conditions. The Australian government is a big fan of conditions. And it has plenty when it comes to student visas in Australia.

So, let’s start off our discussion. What are the working conditions for student visa holders in Australia?

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Top jobs for students in Melbourne

Voted the world’s most liveable city seven years in a row, Melbourne is a thriving, buzzing city that offers an incredible quality of life for students who choose to live there. The streets are lined with graffiti murals and art installations, cafe terraces, hole-in-the-wall bars and buskers, offering a world-renowned, multicultural dining scene as eclectic as it is delicious.

The city is also known as the live music capital of Australia and is home to some of our top universities, so it’s little wonder that Melbourne has become a hub for students.

With so much culture and activity to get around, picking up a casual job in Melbourne as a student is a great way to earn some extra income and really get immersed in the city life. Plus, it’s actually also just an awesome way to meet new people, socialise and even practice your English if you’re an international student.

We know that studying can be pretty hectic though, so it’s really important to find work that’s flexible with your uni timetable and exam periods. So what do you need to do to get part time student work in Melbourne? Here are some important points to know first up so you’re prepared to apply for jobs.

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The Guide to Student Jobs in Perth

While you’re studying, it can be a good idea to build some experience and earn some money working on a part time or casual basis. Even working outside of your field of study can have some great benefits when you look for a permanent role out of university. We’ve listed some of the jobs you may choose to work while studying and we even have a way we can help!

You might choose to work in a boutique coffee shop like this one

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