Exclusive Offer: $500 Cashback | University Square, Melbourne

Our last studios are still available at University Square for Semester 1, 2019. So we have an exclusive offer for all studio bookings made before 31st March 2019.

Any student that books a studio room at University Square before 31 March, 2019, will receive $500.00 cashback to spend on anything they like. Whether you spend the $500 on flights around Australia, or 500 $1 coffees at 7-Eleven – it’s totally up to you!


Upon booking a studio, every student will also receive a complimentary:

• Linen Pack – from bedding to towels, this pack has all the linen you’ll need to set up you room.

• Kitchen Pack – including cutlery, utensils, pot and pans, this has everything you’ll need to cook up a storm!

Find all the details of our linen and kitchen packs on our online store!


That’s it, our offer couldn’t be easier! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our friendly University Square team at universitysquare@thestudenthousingcompany.com.au or call them on +61 (0)3 9918 3910.

You can also visit us and check out University Square for yourself! Arrange a viewing online in advance, or walk-ins are always welcome.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Student Health Cover Options

student health cover options
Image by Shutterstock

Contributed article for The Student Housing Company.


When you’re a student you don’t always have a lot of spare money, so if you’re looking for health insurance you want to try to make sure you are getting bang for your buck.

There are a lot of policies available in the Australian market today, so where do you start?

There are health insurance products suited to students who are residents in Australia, as well as overseas students, along with a range of coverage from basic hospital through to comprehensive policies including extras.

Here’s our round up of what to consider when comparing policies.

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Top jobs for students in Adelaide

The capital of South Australia and Australia’s most affordable city, Adelaide is the perfect place for students wanting an authentic Aussie lifestyle without the extra expense. Away from the frantic pace of the megacities, Adelaide is bordered by 5,000km of coast, with vineyards, lush hills, sheep stations, mountains and deserts all within easy reach. It has a thriving festival culture, more restaurants per capita of any city and the biggest fresh produce market in the Southern Hemisphere, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that there is nothing going on!

With so much to see and do, getting a casual job in Adelaide is the way to go for students wanting a little extra income and financial freedom. As well as sponsoring your fun and quality of life, working part time is actually a great way to make friends, engage with the local community and even work on your English if you’re an international student.

Make friends on the job!

Of course, studying can be a really busy time trying to juggle classes, revision, exams and a social life, so it’s important to find a job that’s flexible enough to fit around your uni timetable. So how do you find part time student work in Adelaide? Here are some pointers to get you started and prepared to job hunt.

What you’ll need to apply for work in Adelaide

An Australian Tax File Number (TFN). You can apply for one of these through the Australia Taxation Office and it basically helps keep your tax in check and make sure you’re not losing too much of your income.

An Australian bank account. This is pretty straightforward for most Aussies, but as an international student you’ll need to open what’s called a transaction account. Many employers will only hire you if you have one as it’s much easier to pay you that way. Any bank you choose to go with should be able to help you with that really easily.

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What are the top universities in Adelaide for 2019?

If you’re after an Australian uni experience away from the hustle and expense of the megacities, Adelaide might just be the perfect place for you! The coastal capital is the cheapest major Australian city to live in for students, which means less money spent on the boring stuff like rent and groceries, and more budget for going out and having fun. And with warm summers, spacious city spaces, a thriving festival culture and gorgeous beaches at its doorstep, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

So what are the best universities in Adelaide?

Although Adelaide is a smaller city, three of its universities have been internationally ranked in the QS World University Rankings for 2019 . Here are our top five picks for students wanting to study in Adelaide.

  • University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia
  • Flinders University
  • Torrens University Australia, Adelaide
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Australia (CMU)

1. University of Adelaide

21,000 students

The University of Adelaide brownstone facade

Ranking eight in Australia and 114th in the world according to QS, the University of Adelaide is the third oldest uni in the country and have long been leaders in education in South Australia. The beautiful main campus, made of heritage sandstone, was established in 1874 and is located in the heart of the city on Northern Terrace.

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Refer a Friend Exclusive Offer – University Square, Melbourne

We still have a few studios available at University Square for Semester 1, 2019. So we are offering an exclusive deal to anyone who recommends their friend to book a studio at University Square in Melbourne.

If your friend books, both of you get to choose one of these gifts:

  • A Google Home
  • Wireless headphones
  • A Fitbit

It’s that easy! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our friend University Square team at universitysquare@thestudenthousingcompany.com.au or call them on +61 (0)3 9918 3910.

T&C’s: Prize redeemable on commencement of tenancy agreement. Prize void if agreement is cancelled. Limit 1 prize per person. Offer is exclusively valid only if one student in the referral places a booking of a Studio at University Square for 2019. Applicants cannot refer themselves. Applicant must provide referrer’s name during the booking process.

Study abroad in Australia

G’day mate! So you wanna study in the land down under? Bloody beaut’ decision. Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding things you can do as part of your university life. Not only do you get to expand your knowledge by accessing some of the world’s leading institutions, but you’ll grow as a person, too – experiencing new cultures (including some weird and wonderful new English expressions), broadening your mind and otherwise just having a ton of fun!

Plus, Australia really has it all. Not only is the climate great and the laidback quality of life pretty awesome, Australia is actually also home to some of the world’s top universities . Whether you’re keen to take selfies with kangaroos, give surfing a crack, or spend your well-deserved study breaks down at the beach, you’re bound to come home with sand in your suitcase, some new additions to your vocabulary, and a bucketload of stories.

So what do you need to do to study abroad in Australia? We’ve put together a few bits and pieces to help you get started.

Picking a place in Oz, too many options

Finding study abroad programs in Australia

The first step is deciding where to study abroad in Australia, and finding the right program for you. Here are some useful pointers:

Check in with your current school or university
Drop into your campus’ study abroad office or do a bit of digging on their website. Let them know you’re looking to study abroad in Australia. There’ll often be partnerships or specific programs your school or uni can recommend, and you can ask for assistance with the application process. It can be a great place to start if you’re looking for a bit of guidance or support!

Look into scholarships
Studying abroad can be really expensive. Like, really expensive. And it’s a great idea to research what scholarships for international students in Australia are out there. Having a browse can give you an overview of what sponsorships you might be eligible for, which Australian universities offer scholarships for the courses you want to study, and whether your home country has specific scholarship partnerships with any institutions.

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Under 18 Student Accommodation in Australia

So, you’re an underage student wanting to exchange in Australia. You need accommodation, but it’s not as simple as that. If you want to get your student visa to be approved, you’ll have to find a certified accommodation provider.

When it comes to foreign exchange in Australia, the Department of Home Affairs requires under 18 students to have accommodation approved by their university provider. And that’s fair enough right? Safety’s always the best policy.

In light of all this business, The Student Housing Company has made safety and security our business. And this is whether the Government wants us to or not! At TSHC we believe safety and security are fundamental ingredients for your mental and physical wellbeing. We’ve gone the extra mile, beyond just a lock on the door.

So, calling all those underage students out there! Are you wanting (or needing) those good old safety-assured, nurturing community vibes? Well stop your searching. We’ll be your first and last port of call.

Government Requirements for Under 18 Accommodation

Under 18 student visa, boring stuff that has to be done
When it comes to accommodation and welfare, the Australian government has some pretty strict requirements for international students under 18 years of age. Overseas students (with a student visa) that are studying with an Australian education provider have to ensure their accommodation is government approved. So, you’re under 18 and planning on studying in Australia. What’s the next step?

If you want the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to approve your student visa application, you’ll need to find an accommodation provider that satisfies DIBP requirements. One of the main visa requirements will be that your student accommodation, support and general welfare is ensured for the duration of your stay in Australia (or at least until you turn 18).

So, time to get snappy and find a certified accommodation provider if you’re wanting that visa to go through. The first step is to make sure your accommodation and welfare arrangements are approved by the university that you’re planning to study at. Your education provider is responsible for making sure your accommodation and welfare arrangements tick all the DIBP boxes. Once that’s all been approved, your education provider will issue you a welfare letter (CAAW) form. You’re going to need proof after all.

When, and only when, your future university has given that the tick of approval, you’ll be able to submit your student visa application to the Australian Department of Immigration. When you apply for your student visa, you will have to include the following supporting documents from your education provider; 1. Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and 2. Confirmation of Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW). You can get both of these documents from your education provider.

And if you or your parents have any concerns or need any further information about accommodation and welfare arrangements, feel free to contact your education provider. Australian education providers are responsible for helping students to access high-quality education opportunities and a safe learning environment, and are always happy to discuss options with you.

TSHC is a certified Accommodation Provider

Students under 18

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How To Renew A Student Visa In Australia

Continue your studies in the land girt by sea and renew your Australian visa

You’ve been having a lovely time being an exchange student in Australia, and putting down some solid roots in your student housing location of choice. Soaking up the sun, studying hard-ish, making new friends, exploring the city centres, day tripping left right and centre, and leading a fabulous #ExchangeStudentLife in Oz.

But all good things must come to an end. And your student visa is not exempt from this life fact. You knew your visa expiry was coming, but you didn’t realise it was that soon.

Time to stop being blasé about renewing your student visa. You need to stop procrastinating. You need to get your affairs in order. And you need to renew your visa.

And you need to do it pronto. Because you’ll need to lodge your new student visa application before your current one expires. Otherwise you’ll be unceremoniously kicked out of Australia.

So then… how do you apply for a student visa extension?

Student Visa extensions are same same but different to applying for your original Student Visa. Just follow our simple Four-Step process and you’re on your way to renewing your stay.

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Where Can You Get Cheap Student Discounts in Australia?

Let’s be honest, Australia can be a bit expensive and the “poor Uni student” struggle is real. That’s why we’re here to give you the ultimate student discount guide to Oz. Welcome to the land of thrifty student life hacks. Time to get your uni discount (A.K.A scrooge) on. Stop your bank account leaking! Welcome to thrifty Student 101.

Now, time for the hard-hitting questions: ‘What do we students care about most in the world?’ AND ‘Where do we want our hard(ly) earned student discount?’

Please. Like that requires any brain picking. Let’s address the obvious.


Bring on the Apple student discounts, right? After all, we are generation TECH. Just give us something bright, shiny, with 5G, and preferably minimal eyestrain.

That’s right folks, I’m talking about all the good things in life like JB Hi Fi, Spotify, anything Apple related, Microsoft, Dell or HP (if that’s your jam…), Laptops, iPhones, Androids (for the tech savvy). Give us the gadgets! Cheaply.

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