#32 Life Hacks For Students In Melbourne

It’s probably going to rain. A lot. But it’s OK! We’re about to give you the ultimate list of student life hacks for your time in Melbourne.

Student Life Hacks – Food

Melbourne Student Hack #1. Footscray Market is a huge indoor arcade in the west of the city, where you can pick up fresh, good quality fruit, veg, seafood and meat at seriously low prices. Nothing says student life hacks like #CheapEats.

Melbourne Student Hack #2. Minh Phat Asian Supermarket, between the CBD and East Melbourne, is the best place to pick up Asian food and ingredients in the whole city.

Melbourne Student Hack #3. Go shopping 20 minutes before the market closes, when vendors will be offloading everything for rock-bottom prices. $1 fruit bowl anyone?

Melbourne Student Hack #4. Head to Elizabeth Street in the CBD to find a flurry of fantastic restaurants, selling everything from Thai food to Bubble Tea.

Student food life hacks Melbourne
Keep your student budget in check as you hack your way through Melbourne’s food markets!

Melbourne Student Hack #5. South Melbourne Market Dim Sims. Enough said.

Melbourne Student Hack #6. Enjoy a pizza for $10 while listening to live music in the Little Creatures Melbourne Dining Hall. Plus, they have Wi-Fi so you can even get some work done while you’re there.

Melbourne Student Hack #7. Students at the University of Melbourne or Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology can snack on mouth-wateringly good souvlaki at Lambs on Lygon Street – a favourite for late-night bites!

Melbourne Student Hack #8. Melburnians in the Kensington area should head to La Tortilleria to feast on quesadillas from just $3.50 and tacos from only $4.70 – that’s dinner sorted!

Student Life Hacks – Coffee

Melbourne Student Hack #9. University of Melbourne students go for coffee at the Manchester Press, a rustic café set in a former warehouse. They specialise in latte art, so your drink will look as cool as the setting.

Melbourne Student Hack #10. Grab a Gobble Gobble Jaffle (yes that’s a real thing) and a flat white from Naked Espresso Bar on your lunch break. Your wallet will barely feel a thing and you’ll be satisfied for life.

Melbourne Student Hack #11. If you’re living in Prahan & East Melbourne, drop by Market Lane on a Saturday for free coffee tasting!

Student life hacks Melbourne coffee
Coffee is a student life hack in and of itself. And thankfully, Melbourne’s got the goods!

Student Life Hacks – Weather

Melbourne Student Hack #12. Melbourne’s weather is completely unpredictable. In fact, this southern city is famous for experiencing four seasons in one day. So buy a lightweight raincoat that you can take everywhere with you and never leave the house without an umbrella.

Student Life Hacks – Shopping

Melbourne Student Hack #13. If you don’t own water-resistant boots, you’re going to need a pair for the winter months, so don’t wait ’til you’re ankle deep in a puddle before making a purchase! (See Weather, above!)

Melbourne Student Hack #14. Use Ozbargain to find outrageously good student deals on absolutely everything! Or any other student discount platform for that matter.

Melbourne student life hacks shopping
Fashion life hacked! Melbourne’s the land of student bargain buys.

Student Life Hacks – Sport

Melbourne Student Hack #15. Melbournites are passionate about their sport, particularly AFL (otherwise known as Australian Rules Football or Aussie Rules). If you want to fit in quickly, pick a team to support and pick it fast! Most conversations in this city begin and end with discussions on Aussie Rules.

Melbourne student life hacks for sport
The most essential student life hack! Melbourner’s are AFL fanatics.

Student Life Hacks – Transport

Melbourne Student Hack #16. Familiarise yourself with the sites of Melbourne’s CBD on the City Circle Tram. This free hop-on, hop-off tram service operates seven days a week and takes in all the major CBD sites, including Federation Square, the Old Treasury Building, Parliament House and the Princess Theatre. It also includes a running commentary as you pass or stop at a place of historical or cultural significance.

Melbourne Student Hack #17. Melbourne’s public transport is the easiest and cheapest way to move around the city, but you’ll need a Myki card to travel. Myki offers great student concessions to keep your budget in line. Topping up your Myki with the monthly Myki pass is usually cheaper if you’re using it to get to and from university every day. It costs around $65.

Melbourne Student Hack #18. Ticket inspectors are ruthless in the city areas and you can face a hefty fine if you forget to tap on, regardless of how legitimate your excuse is.

Melbourne Student Hack #19. Escalator etiquette dictates you HAVE to stand on the left and walk on the right, or risk being confronted by an angry local.

Melbourne Student Hack #20. For University of Melbourne students taking either the Sunbury, Williamstown, Upfield, Craigieburn or Werribee train lines to uni, take the 401 bus to uni from North Melbourne Station and it will cut your travel time by 15 minutes in peak hour.

Melbourne Student Hack #21. Cycling is another cheap and easy way to get around the city. But be warned, some intersections in the city rely on ‘hook turns’, a rather confusing but legal requirement to move into the far left lane if you are intending to turn right. Cyclist should also obey these road rules unless otherwise indicated.

Student life hacks Melbourne transport
Student life hack alert! Trams are your friends in Melbourne.

Student Life Hacks – Study

Melbourne Student Hack #22. You can access past exam papers for most subjects at the University of Melbourne.

Melbourne Student Hack #23. Subscribe to the digital version of The Age newspaper by entering your student email address. You get the first month for just $1 and 40% off every month after that.

Melbourne Student Hack #24. All major Melbourne universities offer free Wi-Fi for students while on campus. If you’re out and about, try cafés like Starbucks or McDonalds, public libraries and museums, Federation Square, Flinders St train station and the Queen Victoria Markets.

Student life hacks Melbourne study
Consider your student study life in Melbourne hacked!

Student Life Hack – Arts, Culture & Things To Do

Melbourne Student Hack #25. There are plenty of amazing concessions for students in Melbourne. With your student card, you can get into the Melbourne Museum and all its sister museums, like the super-interesting Immigration Museum, for absolutely free!.

Melbourne Student Hack #26. National Gallery of Victoria offers free entry, and has free Wi-Fi with lots of benches and chairs tucked away in quiet corners. If you want a drink or muffin while you’re there, the Crossbar Café on Level 3 is the best spot to relax for a couple of hours.

Melbourne Student Hack #27. Go to the beach! From Port Melbourne and Elwood beaches to St Kilda, Chelsea, Brighton and Blackrock, your choices are endless! Plus there are endless day trips for students in Melbourne.

Melbourne Student Hack #28. Attend White Night, the city’s famous dusk-to-dawn festival, and keep your eye out for special international student events.

Melbourne Student Hack #29. Spend a night (or several) at Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane, where you might be lucky enough to stumble upon a free gig (or several) at this infamous rock music venue.

Melbourne Student Hack #30. If your a Victoria University student, you can get great discounts at the Malthouse Theatre, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming shows and productions!

Melbourne Student Hack #31. International students in Melbourne can sign up for a Culture Card Victoria, which means you get discounts on a whole variety of cultural attractions, exhibitions and events. What more could you ask for?

Melbourne Student Hack #32. Wander through Melbourne’s arty lanes and graffitied alleyways. As one of the street capitals of the world, you’ll be happy to get lost in this city. Start at Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane, opposite Federation Square – you won’t be disappointed.

And that’s it folks, Melbourne student life hacking made simple!