10 Things Within 10 Minutes’ Walk from University Square and Infinity Place

When it comes to location, University Square and Infinity Place really have it all. Our first two Melbourne properties are within walking distance from two of Australia’s leading universities and are surrounded by restaurants, shops, markets, leafy parks and popular student hang out spots.

To help you get a better idea of the area, we’ve listed 10 notable destinations that are less than a 10-minute walk from both University Square and Infinity Place.

1. Melbourne Business School and Melbourne Law School

30 second walk
Distance: 20 metres

Melbourne Business School and Melbourne Law School students couldn’t have it easier as both Melbourne University faculties are just across the road from University Square and Infinity Place. Just roll out of bed and cross the road; you’ll never be late to class again!

law building school melbourne university
The Law Building, Melbourne University

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Five Five Year Uni Myths

The Good Universities Guide is a comprehensive resource for students, parents and career advisers. The guide is a resource offering information on Australian undergraduate, VET and postgraduate courses and aims to assist students in their education pathway and achieve their career goals. The Good Universities Guide is developed in conjunction with Australian students, families and educators – so their advice about university life is invaluable for guiding students in Australia, and worldwide. We’re very excited to be partnering with The Good Universities Guide and look forward to sharing their content and advice with our students in the future.

Heading into your first year of uni you’ll hear a lot of myths and clichés, but how much truth is there to them? To get to the bottom of these myths, the Good Universities Guide has created a list of the most common things you’ll hear in first year and why you shouldn’t necessarily believe them.

1. P’s get degrees

While ‘just passing’ every class will earn you a degree, it can be common for students to be complacent about their marks and not put in the extra effort. However, the satisfaction of putting in the extra effort to achieve a high distinction shouldn’t be underestimated. Keeping a high credit average certainly comes in handy if you intend to do an honours year or postgraduate study. Furthermore, high-achieving students are often eligible to receive scholarships and additional study opportunities such as industry programs, special streams and exchange opportunities. While individual subject marks don’t count for a lot once you graduate, it’s important to keep in mind the value good grades can contribute to your application when applying for jobs in the future.

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#CheapEats under $10: Melbourne University Edition

If we know two things to be true, it’s that students love a good deal and Melbourne has an epic food scene. So, we thought it was about time we created a new blog series dedicated to finding the best cheap eats around Melbourne.

With our Display Suite at University Square recently opening next door to the University of Melbourne, we decided there was no better area to focus on for our first blog edition of #CheapEats. Melbourne University students are spoilt for choice being in the heart of Carlton, which itself is known for having a strong food culture. Although Italian food used to be Carlton’s claim to fame, there’s now a whole lot more to the suburb’s food scene than just pizza and pasta. Check out our favourite eateries listed below for some seriously good food at student-friendly prices.

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