The Premium Experience – 1 Bedroom Apartment at University Square

All of our rooms at University Square have been designed specifically to provide you with your best student experience. Located in Carlton, just a couple trams stops from the heart of Melbourne, you’re never far from your classes or anything else you need.

We understand that no student is the same, so we have made sure to provide living options to accommodate for all types of students. In order to help you get to know our rooms better, we’ve created a Room Editorial for each of our options.

About the Room

Our most luxurious student apartment should not be underestimated. The 1 Bed Apartment provides students with ultimate privacy and comfort in a modern, full furnished apartment. We’re talking your very own ensuite, floor to ceiling personal storage, separate living room and some apartments with views over the most liveable city in the world – need we say more?

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How to Cope with Homesickness at University

Going to university is a life-changing event that can be pretty scary and see you waving goodbye to your comfort zone. Whether you’re coming from China, Brazil, Germany or rural Australia, you will experience big chances and have to settle into a new lifestyle.

Homesickness is something that affects most students. From building a support network of friends to keeping your mum on speed-dial, we’ve looked at the best ways to tackle homesickness, and found it’s all about balance:

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5 Sources of Motivation for University Students

Sometimes it’s hard to sustain motivation, even under the best of circumstances, especially when your to-read list runs to four pages, your next assignment is due tomorrow, and you’re struggling to find enough hours in the day to yourself. It can also be hard to feel motivated heading back to university at the end of February after three months of relaxing in the sun.

The good news is that motivation comes from anywhere… Yes, including your morning Insta-scroll, but only if you follow the right people and take the right advice! That’s why we’ve found the most motivational Netflix series, podcast, Instagram account, TED talk, and YouTube channel to help you get through lazy days.

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The Best Brain Foods for Students


Fuelling your body properly is one of the keys to flourishing at university – both academically and otherwise. The more nutritious your diet is, the better your brain will perform and the happier you will feel in general.

Different foods affect the brain in different ways, so it is no exaggeration to say that your diet has a huge and direct impact on your mood. In other words, eat well to feel well.

There’s absolutely no harm in a Macca’s pig-out or a Domino’s party every so often – they’re delicious, let’s face it – but don’t let them become daily rituals. The same goes for the food you cook at home: go easy on the potato, the frozen pizzas, the party pies, and all the rest of that sort of stuff. You need nutrients from fresh, unprocessed foods! Save the junk-feasting for weekends or, better still, special occasions.

With that in mind, here are some foods to fill your basket when you go food-shopping.

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Top 7 Life Hacks for the Thrifty Student

Let’s get the obvious out the way: university life is expensive. In fact, it can be very expensive. Between expensive textbooks, grocery shopping, public transport tickets and everything else, it’s no wonder uni students are notorious for being broke. Whilst all of these costs may seem overwhelming, there are always some nifty things you can do to reduce spending.

We’ve put together a list of seven money-saving tips that’ll minimise your spending and generally help you be more wise with your cash flow.

  1. Load Up on Freebies

Who doesn’t love a freebie? You may not realise that a lot of things come free with your university fees, including access to student clubs, health and wellness services, libraries and campus entertainment. Whatever it is, make sure you make the most of university freebies – this even includes scoring free sausages at the daily free BBQS on campus.

If you’re after entertainment on the cheap, there are sure to be a few free gigs near you, covering everything from live music to carnivals and festivals. Alternatively, many museums and art galleries across Australia are free to visit, so do your research thoroughly and keep your options open when planning day-off activities. Continue Reading