A Guide to the IELTS Australia and Passing your Exam

You want to study in Australia? Well then, you’re going to have to sit an English Language Test. And the most popular language proficiency test in Australia is…the IELTS test!

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most commonly used English language test for higher education in the world. So if you’re thinking of coming to study in Australia, you’ve probably heard of it before. You need to get the right IELTS scores to get your visa approved!

Now, exams often seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of ways you can work on your English skills and ace the exam! We’ll run you through the structure of the exam, how to register and pay for the IELTS Australia fee and also explain the IELTS results. We’ve included a few tips and tricks along the way too, so here’s your helpful guide to the IELTS for Australia. The Exam

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Australia’s Best Universities

the best universities in Australia 2019
Get amongst the best of Australia’s iconic sandstone universities!

Australia continues to prove itself as a leading country for tertiary education as our universities are consistently ranked amongst the world’s best universities. And these ten  in particular routinely rank as the best Australian universities in QS scores.

The combination of our high standard universities with the laid-back Australian lifestyle means our student life is pretty great too. We at The Student Housing Company have done our research and talked to students from across the country to create a run-down of the top ten universities in Australia below.
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